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Our company is a New Zealand specialist in media analysis, providing impartial and actionable intelligence to leading government and corporate clients.

We get to know your business and we constantly innovate to deliver the market intelligence you’re after rather than selling you off-the-shelf solutions.

McNamara Research pioneered media impact services in New Zealand, has clients across all major sectors, and draws on a wealth of knowledge amassed over two decades. We use proprietary software and a unique rating formula that enables us to assess the key variables that form news impact. In recent years we’ve developed our own tools to take the temperature of online and social media, cutting through the noise to provide you with meaningful analysis.

How we can help you



Communicators and marketers want to know what's in their media:

What worked and what didn't?
Where is the risk?
What's changed?
What did it cost?
What's my reputation?
What's on the horizon?



Discovery begins off the trail in the outside elements within the world



News harvesting
Whether coming from your sources or ours, we capture it all and filter it to find the common themes and threads for your brand


Research & Coding

Clean – removal of dirty data
Compile quantitative & qualitative information 
Code – tone & impact



Craft – for your audience
Write & Visualise



Smart Business Dashboard

One of our news products is an interactive dashboard.

Customised for your business
Media & market data
Reputation & stakeholder data
Dynamic Twitter and Facebook streams
All in one business dashboard

Our Work

McNamara Research has clients in key sectors including major corporates, government ministries, local industry agencies and community organisations.

We have done it all from local and central government agencies, not for profits, consumer goods, energy, transport and other infrastructure, health and pharmaceuticals, through to professional and financial services, sporting codes, technology and telecommunications, and New Zealand companies overseas.

As the confidentiality of our services is paramount we cannot name individual clients. However, references are always available on request. 

When the news is bad we’ve been called on to help with reputational assessment and other impacts. We have done overnight turnaround work looking at national disasters and issues playing out in world media, sometimes involving analysis in multiple languages. Other projects include twice-daily crisis reporting for a government agency following an oil spill, social media analysis after a natural disaster, and reports on an airline tragedy (real-time updates and, a year later, anniversary reviews and reputation tracking). 

One client, a national utility company, needed to know how financial analysts and journalists treated them in news and social media channels immediately before and after listing. We delivered prompt, actionable intelligence that could be shared with senior staff and that included critical analysis as well as quantitative data. We provide regular business dashboards and more detailed reports for this client that include competitor benchmarking, reputational insights and competitive brand analysis.

Being abreast of current issues and knowing what’s in all the media about you can be vital information. We have written a number of media reports over the years scanning topics such as climate change or water quality that are of interest to several of our clients. We assess where clients’ brand and reputation are in the debate and even look at national reputation in relation to our trading partners.

Understanding the impact their media presence has on reshaping citizen behaviour is critical for a large government entity we’ve worked with for many years. They mostly engage with their own clients through social media, digital advertising and broadcast news: we scan these channels as well as print and link the findings together so they can see how they’re running across the board. They build a strategy on this insight and use it as evidence of their work.

Return on investment for New Zealand Inc has spurred some of our work, where we’ve analysed a number of key international sporting and media events held in New Zealand at the organisers’ request. This has involved looking at media cut-through, campaign success and return on investment for overseas visiting media programmes, to determine the economic value of the media and what activities generated the best returns. 

Another skill our team can draw on is analysis of news and social media including te reo Māori content. We currently do this for a trust that manage assets on behalf of local iwi in a post-settlement environment. Our client has been impressed with our appreciation of the political nuances and that we have dedicated a te reo speaker to do this custom work.  



Our Team

Our team are experts in understanding the business value of your data and will work with you from start to finish. We maintain active links with world leaders in communications research and we’re not afraid to draw on outside expertise when necessary to help us innovate.


Mary McNamara

Director and Owner

Mary is one of the most knowledgeable media analysts around, with over 20 years’ experience in research and insight. She founded McNamara Research to provide an alternative to uniformly quantitative research. In doing so, she has created a boutique research company that provides independent and impartial media research grounded in qualitative analysis. Mary leads a team of technical and media experts who are achieving a true understanding of their clients’ needs by building enduring partnerships.


Ann Cunninghame

Analyst & Editor

Ann has more than 20 years’ experience in journalism, public relations and media analysis and has been a contractor with the McNamara Research team since 2010. She has worked in a corporate public relations position as well as for consultancies, and as a financial reporter for titles including the National Business Review and The Dominion. Ann currently specialises in technical writing, editing and analysis for a range of corporate and government clients.  


Annie Freeman

Data and Media Analyst

Annie Freeman is currently in her fifth year of a Law and Commerce degree at Victoria University of Wellington. She has a keen interest in technology and entrepreneurship, and has experience working in social media marketing, corporate law, and economics. She has lived in France and is fluent in French.


Christina Tam

Data and Media Analyst

Christina is in her final semester of an LLB and BCom in Accounting and Finance. She has previously interned at a leading investment management firm and clerked in human rights law. Christina is interested in political, economic and financial events and studying how the news impacts the stock markets.

Craig Mackinlay

Data Engineer

Craig is a data specialist who undertakes complex research analysis and is expert at making dashboards and finding insight in numbers. He has an BCom (Hons) in Economics, and a BSc in Statistics. 



Phil Edmonds

Analytics Consultant

Phil Edmonds has national and international expertise in media analytics, including as senior managing analyst for CARMA International in London where he was responsible for the likes of Shell, Philips, and ABN Amro. Phil has been involved with us since the beginning and helps the constant advancement of our analysis and intelligence-gathering techniques. 

Celeste Daymond

Information and Search Specialist

Celeste has ten years’ experience as a librarian and research specialist. Her areas of interest are research and Rangahau, promoting information, digital and cultural literacy. Celeste is currently completing a Master’s degree in information studies at Victoria University.

News Hounds

Media & Digital Analysis Team

Other members of our team are skilled readers and analysts who are tertiary qualified and who keep abreast of industry issues, manage client briefs so they are current and relevant, and maintain a full understanding of a wide range of platforms you may wish to test or use to monitor data or deliver findings. 


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