McNamara’s team always sees it through for us right to the end.”

– A national utility company

Our company

For over 20 years, our business has provided an alternative to uniform quantitative research and off the shelf solutions. Our clients engage with us to tackle all sorts of complex issues: from reputational assessments, natural crisis reporting and media sentiment through to media cut-through and measuring campaign success. 

We work for government leaders and policy makers, competitive brands and listed companies, and on campaigns in both the private and public sector. Client confidentiality helps us build confidence with our clients, many of whom we work with on sensitive issues, so we are unable to list them here. However, we can provide further testimonials and contacts on request.

Our team

It takes a team of media savvy researchers and data analysts working together to measure what matters to clients in government and commerce.  We have a reputation for delivering great work on time and being there for follow-up.

We also maintain active links with world leaders in communications research, and we’re not afraid to draw on outside expertise to help us innovate.

Mary McNamara

Director and Owner

Mary is one of the most knowledgeable media analysts around, with over 20 years’ experience in research and insight. She founded McNamara Research to provide an alternative to uniformly quantitative research. In doing so, she has created a boutique research company that provides independent and impartial media research grounded in qualitative analysis. Mary leads a team of technical and media experts who are achieving a true understanding of their clients’ needs by building enduring partnerships.

Ann Cunninghame

Analyst & Editor

Ann has more than 20 years’ experience in journalism, public relations and media analysis and has been a contractor with the McNamara Research team since 2010. She has worked in a corporate public relations position as well as for consultancies, and as a financial reporter for titles including the National Business Review and The Dominion. Ann currently specialises in technical writing, editing and analysis for a range of corporate and government clients.

Shanti Mathias

Data and Media Analyst

Shanti is studying a Masters in Media Studies at the University of Victoria. Shanti works with the data to find the story in the numbers that matters to our clients.  She contributes to our bespoke client reports.

Boston Flanagan-Connors

Data and Media Analyst

Boston is studying a co-joint degree in Law and Finance at the University of Victoria. He is a data specialist. Combining data and storytelling to make our insightful dashboards.

Craig MacKinlay

Data Engineer

Craig is a data specialist who undertakes complex research analysis and is expert at making dashboards and finding insight in numbers. He has an BCom (Hons) in Economics, and a BSc in Statistics.

Phil Edmonds

Analytics Consultant

Phil has national and international expertise in media analytics, including as senior managing analyst for CARMA International in London where he was responsible for the likes of Shell, Philips, and ABN Amro. Phil has been involved with us since the beginning and helps the constant advancement of our analysis and intelligence-gathering techniques.

Celeste Daymond

Information and Search Specialist

Celeste has ten years’ experience as a librarian and research specialist. Her areas of interest are research and Rangahau, promoting information, digital and cultural literacy. Celeste is currently completing a Master’s degree in information studies at Victoria University.

News Hounds

Media & Digital Analysis Team

Other members of our team are skilled readers and analysts who are tertiary qualified and who keep abreast of industry issues, manage client briefs so they are current and relevant, and maintain a full understanding of a wide range of platforms you may wish to test or use to monitor data or deliver findings.