Monitoring news narratives that matter to you.

How we can help you

We monitor the news narratives affecting your business, keeping you up to date and alert to any potential communication risks.

Clipboard and pen with people monitoring data


Define your goal

We start by working with you to determine the market, political or social questions you are trying to answer. This might include identifying your reputational landscape, any risks and opportunities, what your competitors are doing, and the value created by your latest media campaign. 

Choose your research metrics

The next step is to agree on the metrics including key words. Our smart AI tools then harvest news and social media sources to find the themes, threads, brands and people important to your brand or to a particular topic you’re researching. 

Measure what matters

We believe that quality media monitoring should measure:

  • Size and sentiment of the news and social media.
  • Share of voice for your organisation. 
  • News narratives and themes in your area of interest.
  • Who are the journalists, commentators and competitors affecting your organisation/the issues you’re concerned with, and their impact.
  • Where your content landed, whether it reached the right demographic and who engaged with it. 
  • Any news source bias.
  • What is changing over time.


Obtain actionable media intelligence

McNamara Research’s skilled analysts provide you with actionable intelligence, overlaying our data discoveries with valuable insights. We apply a proprietary rating method to show you the impact of different news sources.

Understand your audience 

Our analysis can help you to:

  • See how stories, journalists and commentators treat your organisation or your competitors.
  • View the scale of interest in your news and social media.
  • Measure the success of any media campaigns and assess potential risks in the news.
  • Understand where media is positioning your organisation or brand (socially, ethically, culturally and morally).
  • Understand gaps that exist in thinking between media, social media users and your audience. 
  • Look at the words and phrases that media use to classify your organisation or issue.

Gain further insights

We can also provide topic or whole-of-industry reporting, and have worked successfully with clients to help them navigate large and complicated issues such as political and economic trends. 

We can examine a large media data set to see how an issue might affect your strategic plans, market moves or other policy decisions. In a crisis, we can quickly scan and summarise thousands of news items to keep you ahead of the issues.

Magnifying glass analysing a graph


Interactive dashboards

Our media analysis and insights are usually delivered via an interactive dashboard, which is a snap for you to access via mobile phone, tablet or PC. 

These dashboards allow you to quickly make sense of data, analyse trends and take action. They can include media and market data, reputation and stakeholder information, qualitative insights, live news feeds and social media streams. 

An example dashboard with 3 graphs of media analysis evaluating sentiment and tone of one months media coverage
A computer and a mobile phone showing example dashboards with 4 graphs of media analysis evaluating sentiment and tone of one months media coverage

Full dashboard updates are generally carried out monthly or quarterly, depending on client needs. Dashboard graphs can be also queried for further information or commentary as required.

Reports and presentations 

We also offer other reporting formats such as daily or weekly news briefings, long-form reports, or presentations including interactive graphs.   

Personal support

We follow up our reports in person or by phone if preferred, to add further detail and context for you and your team.

Ask for a dashboard demoA dashboard of graphs