Case studies

Our clients include government ministries, major corporates, not for profits and New Zealand companies operating overseas.

Their activities include energy, transport and other infrastructure, health and pharmaceuticals, professional and financial services, consumer goods, sporting codes, technology and telecommunications.

Assessing changes in commuter behaviour for NZTA 

This client wanted to measure the return on a marketing campaign in line with Government policy settings around modes of transport. This was so it could use this information to generate improvements.

McNamara Research was appointed to assess the success of the agency’s campaign including media reach, sentiment and engagement, and to compare these findings to changes in commuter behaviour over time.

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Measuring media benefit for NZ Inc

‍Large events like international sporting fixtures, film premieres and festivals come at a cost but provide significant benefits to New Zealand. Our client NZ Inc asked McNamara Research to assess the economic benefit arising from news coverage of some specific events that caught the eye of international media.

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Providing hard data for a listed utility

The communications team for a large utility company could no longer rely on intuition-based monitoring to demonstrate its value to management and the Board. It decided to work with McNamara Research to come up with some hard data.

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Examining media perceptions for a Government office

In general terms, public sector policymakers and politicians appreciate the influence that commentary and negative journalism can have on public sentiment when they are creating policy. They may have to overcome bias, exaggeration and loaded opinion created by personal interpretation. The origin of this bias might be protagonists with an agenda or particular media.

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Making better decisions using media evidence for a Government Ministry

This Ministry had been gathering superficial, quantitative media data, tallying views, clicks, “likes” and sentiment to develop an intuitive feel about its image and track record. It now needed objective proof and qualitative data to help meet performance targets, learn from media intelligence and help to promote better policy.

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